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Rubio: Biden should focus on criminals, not guns, in federal anti-violence endeavor

Sen. Marco Rubio from Florida sounds off on a ‘Special Report.

Sen. Marco Rubio spoke to Fox News Wednesday, saying that President Joe Biden should not be focusing on criminals but the victims of violent crime.

Rubio of Florida told a “Special Report” about how criminals are using guns and other implements to commit violent acts.

He stated that “Guns are an instrumentality, but the real target should not be the criminals”, he added.

“What we’ve seen across the country these past months is really something out of a Hollywood movie except that it’s real, it’s tragic, and [like] shootouts on the highways.”

Rubio said that the current spate of violent crimes in the United States is a result politicians having “crazy nonsensical views”. These ideas are used to run for and get elected to office. Then, they either implement these crazy ideas or create the perception that such policies will be implemented.

“The ideas these people have are nuts and when you elect people who have these ideas it almost encourages and incentivizes these terrible outcomes,” he said.

Rubio said one top way to tamp down on crime is to show concrete support for the police and law enforcement – adding that the repeated rhetoric and actions being taken against police are creating a crisis in recruitment.

“I know of a lot of law enforcement officers who want to retire now. They have the possibility to retire in Florida with a program called Drop, but many are retiring at a specific age and getting out.”

“I can’t understand how anybody could be encouraged to get into law enforcement after the rhetoric that was thrown around for the better part a few years. We have a brewing crisis where I think it’s going to get harder and harder to keep highly trained, highly competent police officers on the job and [get] good people in the profession moving forward.”


Rubio responded to Kamala Harris’s decision to visit the border after being appointed border czar by Biden. She noted that Harris will be visiting an area far from the epicenter for illegal immigration and trafficking.

“I’m not sure why they chose El Paso. El Paso’s not the epicenter. It’s much closer to McAllen Texas. What they are going to see is what they created, that migratory pressure has always been there,” he said.

“I don’t care how you talk, I know people who live in Central America. What they heard in November of 2017 and January of Joe Biden’s swearing-in was that there’s a new Administration, they will do everything the contrary of Trump and there won’t be any laws.”

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