Fri. May 20th, 2022

Bronner stated that “we are both proud of our roots” and that they share a common identity.

They were so proud that Ms. Cabraal & Mr. Bronner enjoyed jogging along the streets of New York City, sharing their stories about their childhoods, hopes, and fears.

Ms. Cabraal laughed, saying, “I would tell them about trips to Sri Lanka and the wild elephants on either side of the road.” “He would share stories of his childhood growing up in Tel Aviv with the sun and the sand, and a wonderful family to go along with it.”

Before long, Mr. Bronner began frequent trips to Ms. Cabraal’s hometown in Urbana, Ill. Ms. Cabraal was then able to get to know Pelham, N.Y. where Mr. Bronner spent his teenage days.

Over the next months, Mr. Bronner visited Sri Lanka, while Ms. Cabraal visited Israel. Both fell in love with each other’s extended families, cultures, and loved them both.

On December 19, 2019, Mr. Bronner was able to propose on an island deserted in Trinidad and Tobago.

Ms. Cabraal converted to Judaism during their engagement. “It was a religion and culture I fell in love with through the years of our relationship,” she said.

They were married May 30, before Rabbi David Schuck, along with 25 guests, at the home Naomi Bronner (N.Y.)

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