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Help! Will All My Travel Vouchers Expire Before I Can Use Them?

United and other airlines policies have changed and will continue changing with the pandemic. Consumer Reports in conjunction with U.S. PIRG, a nonprofit advocating public-interest advocacy, urged 10 domestic airlines to guarantee that vouchers will be valid into 2022.

Mr. Keyes added that “Most airlines have informal policies to grant extensions for customers who call in and proactively ask for them.” Although you shouldn’t be rude about it, honey attracts more insects than vinegar, you can be proactive and explain why you aren’t comfortable traveling in the current conditions.


The majority of air travelers fell into one of two camps after the pandemic. Cruisers had no choice. The entire industry was shut down in March after multiple coronavirus outbreaks were tied to cruises. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention issued an order of no-sail, and many ships have been bobbing empty ever since. To their credit, cruisers got cash refunds or future credits. These are the industry’s equivalent of vouchers or merchandise.

C.D.C. order was lifted in October, cruising still remains largely on pause, and most major cruise companies have preemptively canceled their sailings well into this year while they get their health-and-safety protocols up to snuff. Policies regarding future cruise credits are still flexible.

“We’ve seen the concept change since the outbreak of the pandemic and cruise lines are giving people an extremely long lead in terms expiration dates,” stated Colleen MacDaniel. Colleen is the editor in Chief of cruise Critic, which is a leading site for cruise planning and news. They allow people to sail when they are comfortable. It also helps navigate the continued pause in the industry — with no definitive end date and cruises continuing to be canceled, it leaves some leeway.”

Through April 2023, those who have chosen to receive a credit over a cash refund on Carnival Cruise Line are able to sail on the 24-ship fleet.

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